Food Pantry Endowment Fund

Giving to this fund ensures that we will be able to permanently give assistance to people in need! We help many people every week and every month through our food pantry. As the fund grows, our hope and vision is to improve the quality of food we give, to shop locally and not be reliant on commodities, to host dinners for people in need and who are residing in local recovery and addiction centers (and to provide care packages for them as they graduate from their programs), and to have the capacity to give temporary housing vouchers, as well as vouchers to our Thrift Shoppe to provide clothing.
This is a restricted fund, in which the principle will remain perpetually untouched, so you can be assured that the purpose described above is the only reason for which monies from this fund will be spent, and you can be assured that the impact of your gift will be long-lasting! 
Thank you for partnering with us in this mission to serve others in the name of Jesus Christ! 

Where to find other food pantries:

 606 E 4th Ave.

open every Tuesday afternoon at 2pm

330 W. Spruce

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9-11 am

555 Bingham Ave.

2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month- 3:30 pm-5:00 pm

220 Osborn Blvd

call to schedule an appointment

Giveaway of donated perishable items Prayer, devotional, drawing Monday-Friday 10 am -Noon

Lunch is dine in only 12:0012:30 Monday-Friday

Tuesday and Thursday only the hours for the bread rack continue from 12:303:30 pm

Donations are accepted during business hours- Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10am to 4pm.
If your unable to drop them off during these hours, you can contact St. Joseph’s Church at 906-632-9625 to schedule an after hours
drop off.
Thank you for the donations!