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Here are a few other notes to keep in mind regarding funerals:



If it has been a long time since you have been to Church, know that we warmly welcome you back! If you have been outside the practice of the faith, or if you feel the need to go to confession before receiving Communion, know that one of our priests would be happy to hear your confession before the funeral Mass. Simply contact us and we will prioritize this, since we would be overjoyed to see your return to the practice of the faith!

Remarks of Remembrance

It has become increasingly popular to remember the deceased at the funeral Mass by asking a member of the family or a close friend to share some thoughts about the deceased. While this can be a very fitting way to honor the deceased, it is actually preferred to have these remarks shared during the Vigil. Through the presence of Christ found in the Eucharist, Scripture, the gathered faithful and the priest, the funeral Mass moves us from intense grief and loss, to hopeful joy and peace. Having a sad or unrehearsed eulogy after Communion can tend to negate the prayer before it. It is for this reason that the preferred place of the eulogy is at the Vigil.


Steps for preparing Remarks of Remembrance

What sets this person apart or what can you share about the person’s spirit, particularly in living out the faith or bringing Christ’s presence into the world?
Be specific and brief. About 3 to 5 minutes is the norm.  Remarks should always be written out for better delivery. Hearing a poorly prepared, longwinded or incoherent eulogy can be embarrassing and can be detrimental to the atmosphere of prayer and the proper spirit of the occasion.
The remarks should be done with decorum, decency, and with respect to the Catholic faith and tradition. Referring to things such as poems or song texts that are in opposition to the Catholic belief of death and resurrection are not appropriate.
It is most appropriate that the remarks or other stories be shared during the time of the Vigil. Do not feel that it is an obligation to offer memories at the funeral. In fact, it is an option.
Writing can be especially helpful during the grieving process. In place of a eulogy, it is an option for the family to write down loving memories of the deceased. These memories could be given to the priest or deacon a day or two before the funeral so that he can include those memories in the homily.

Recommended Funeral Stipends

The following suggested stipends/fees are based on services rendered by St. Joseph’s staff.  (In case of financial hardship, all fees may be waived.)

Organist $100

Priest/presider:  $100

Deacon: $100

Luncheon Committee: (n/a for the time being as we are unable to serve food during the pandemic)

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